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Courses for Investors


Courses for Traders

Stock market trading courses are available for beginners, investors and traders. Whether you are looking for a basic introduction to stock trading and technical analysis or a guide on day trading stock options, we have the course that will help you trade strategically.

You can make an additional income by trading stocks, but it is crucial to understand the rules first. You can make sure that your stock market investments are profitable throughout your life by getting the proper guidance. There are three main types of traders: swing, intraday, and position. Intra Day traders hold their shares only during the day and not overnight. Swing traders keep their shares for a few days or weeks to profit from short-to-medium-term fluctuations in stock prices. Position traders keep their stock for months or years and make money from dividends and long-term increases in the company's intrinsic worth. After you have decided what type of trader to be, our courses will help you to learn skills that include intraday strategy, Technical analysis, options strategy, portfolio optimization and risk management to maximize the (ROI) and also enables you to choose a career path.

About Stock Market:

Stock markets are public markets that allow for the issuing, buying and selling of stocks. They trade on stock exchanges like NSE and BSE in India. Stocks, also known as Equities, are fractional ownership of a company. Stock or equity market trading is where traders can buy and sell stock.


Two Essential Functions of Stock Market:

  1. It provides capital for companies to purchase capital to expand and fund their businesses.

  2. Stock traders have the opportunity to participate in the profits of publicly traded companies.

Difference between Trading and Investing:

Trading refers to the execution of buy and sells orders to take advantage of price volatility. There are three key strategies, Intraday, Positional or Swing and Options.

Day traders do not hold positions overnight. Stocks are all sold the same day. Positional Investing is a long-term strategy that builds wealth over time by holding stocks or shares for days/weeks/months/years, depending upon the risk. You can earn interest, dividends or stock splits. These are often reinvested into the same account to increase the base investment value. Right options trading strategy can help to create massive wealth with a small investment and in less time.

Learn how to trade stocks:

You do not need to have a degree in finance or spend years trading on stock exchange floors. Take courses on stock market trading to help you become a more proficient trader. It is essential to learn about the stock markets, how they work, what securities you can trade, and brokers' roles. It is necessary to learn how to analyze markets for those who do not have any prior experience. It is essential to practice stock market trading and learn how to do stock market trading successfully.


Stock Market Trading Courses We Offer:

Intraday Trading Course

People invest in stocks or equities for profit, and others are doing it to take care of their future and build a career in the wealth management field. Investing in stock is not an easy task, but with the help of intraday trading courses, one can be a more intelligent investor.

Investing in stocks requires mastery over various aspects like market, finance and business. That is why getting help from experts is necessary for a beginner investor to learn the basics before investing his hard-earned money in stocks. With the help of intraday trading courses, one can learn all these aspects at once and make better decisions during an investment period, eventually leading to more profits for them. We offer intraday trading courses as they have now become a crucial


Technical Analysis Course

Technical Analysis is a course that can help you to read and successfully interpret market data. Market data is all the information about the security, which allows predicting its price movement. The course covers topics like reading a chart, using indicators, and applying technical analysis in real life. It also provides an overview of critical financial data and their impact on share price movement.

This course will be beneficial for people interested in understanding the basics of technical analysis to get deeper into investing or who want to make a career as a stock market analyst or as sales and marketing professionals in the wealth management business.

Options Trading Course

The Options Trading Course covers the basics of stock trading and how to trade options. You will learn the fundamentals of the derivatives market, what an opportunity means, why it is a valuable but highly risk-prone mode for investment or trading.

This course can help you become knowledgeable about stocks and understand their potential, learn about options trading, and find out how you can use them to grow your portfolio.

We offer stocks market trading training via online and offline mode. The courses have personalized and groups batches divided into three levels: Basic, Professional and Advance. Apart from Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis, Options Trading, we also offer commodity and portfolio management services courses. Candidates enrolling for advanced level courses are privileged for our placement assistance.