ERP & Business Process Consulting


ERP is a software driven system that collects, analyses, and organizes internal and external information and resources in structured digital format for best and timely decision making which leads to increase in  the organization’s productivity and provides  business the competitive edge. 

Accurate and timely planning of enterprise and business resources is the ultimate key to success. Choosing an ERP software or application that fits the best for your business is one of the most important decisions that you have to make for business continuity and growth.  One of the fundamental reasons two firms have the same products outpace the other is simply because of a better enterprise resource planning system. Having the right ERP software provides you last-mile information, on-going and future trends with the help of AI and BI capabilities.

Every business wishes to have the best Enterprise resource planning software implemented in their organization, but very few succeed. The reason being unable to consult Industry experts who can help them choose the right ERP software, implementation partner and handhold the organization through the transformational journey until the goal of business automation is achieved. Misfit ERP software has a detrimental impact on an organization’s business and culture. 

At PK Consulting, our consultants have vast experience in implementing global ERP systems. We are committed to helping SMEs, and large corporations make them more agile and establish best-in-class business processes by implementing best-suited ERP solutions.

Some of the key deliverables are:

1) Understanding your current business processes and challenges 

2) Understanding the organizational business model and goals

3) Evaluating various ERP options and suggesting the best fit

4) Vendor evaluation and negotiation

5) Act as the bridge between stakeholders and process owners until the implementation is complete

6) Re-evaluating and remodelling the Existing ERP system


Companies that have not optimized the business processes can battle to adjust to transforming organization needs, provide last-mile effectiveness, and optimize ROI on modern technology financial investments.

Let PKConsulting quickly assess as well as benchmark your company, individuals, processes, and also systems. We provide business value, by automating and simplifying business processes, enhancing analytics, and enhancing your technical architecture.


Process Consulting Implementation and Adoption

We develop and carry out an integrated execution plan that consists of governance, groups, budget plans, schedules, and key efficiency signs. Our expert project managers manage and oversee project delivery, depending upon your needs. We offer post-implementation assistance to ensure end-user adoption as well as a smooth transition.