IT Resource Consulting

We provide senior-level IT infra-structure management resources with over 10 years of experience on a contract as well as a permanent basis.


ERP & Business Process Consulting

Accurate and timely planning of your enterprise and business resources famously known as ( ERP) is the ultimate key to your business success.  Choosing an ERP software or application that fits the best for your business is one of the most critical business decision


IT Infrastructure  Consulting

IT infrastructure consulting across the globe  has been in practice since the time IT was invented . Post Y2K era the distributed computing majorly dominated by Intel and Microsoft brought IT Infrastructure consulting services into limelight


Cloud Transformation Services

As the businesses  adjusts and streamline their  process  to  be able to  achieve the  operational  efficiency  as good as or better  in an environment where  delivery  from anywhere  on time with hundred percent accuracy is the  only way to survive and grow the business