Cloud Transformation Services 


Businesses are looking for various ways to transform their IT systems for staying ahead of the competition and become more agile. Cloud transformation is not an easy task, but it provides many benefits that can help organizations be more competitive, especially SMEs.

You can take advantage of new technologies such as containers, server less computing, cross-platform development frameworks alongside existing investments in local data centres by transforming your IT systems to the cloud.

The key is to have a flexible yet fully controlled and compliant IT system that can operate seamlessly in an environment where customers or vendors are located across different geographical regions but all interconnected at any given time through secure channels without compromising on anything else like cost savings or delivery deadlines.

Competitors are already far ahead in their capability compared to SMEs, so if you don't want yourself left behind, you need something as radical as transforming your existing infrastructures into one that may depend more on new technologies.

Our Cloud Transformation services provide businesses with the tools, resources and expertise needed to manage this process while still maintaining complete control over the security of compliance requirements by leveraging new technologies.

To have a successful cloud transformation, you need to understand the challenges along with their benefits. The benefits of moving your business applications from on-premises or private clouds are massive: lower operating costs; increase agility with access to services anywhere in the world; more stable infrastructure that is less prone to outages and downtime during peak periods (which means better customer service); increased security with easy backups via snapshots - these all lead to an improved ROI and higher profits for companies.


Our Cloud Transformation services help you overcome the challenges and risks associated with successful cloud migration and make sure you get it right from the start to minimize cost and risk in your organization. PKConsulting can work alongside you so that together we create an IT strategy perfect for your business needs: tailored projects will be assessed on budget requirements, timelines and impact of expected change within your company culture - all done through a process of discovery which includes workshops, stakeholder interviews, data gathering exercises Etc.

Still, wondering why you should choose us?

The answer is simple - because our goal as trusted advisors is not just to manage a technology project but also to reach into every aspect of your business to help you transform into the company of tomorrow.